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This is a short video from a week-long trip to Iceland. Shot under strenuous circumstances with limited resources.


It also serves as opportunity to tell a story through pacing and imagery rather than dialog. I consider the ability to convey a sense of emotion and energy through cinematography and editing.

This documentary style piece was created for a non-profit as it moves to rebrand as it puts a series new programs out. In addition to drumming up support among friends of Lil' Iguana Children Safety Foundation but also try to present themselves to potential backers.

The challenge in this project was capturing content that felt authentic in a manner that didn't disturb the organizations events while and then assembling that content into a story that would be useful for the brand.

This project was shot and edited in less than a day. The goal was simple, to get out the message of Teury's bid for office, make her look professional doing it, and make it happen quickly.

Teury had a great story, but delivering this kind of message can be challenge. We spent a lot of time honing the story down to the right length and with the right delivery to communicate that as clearly as possible.

We were also very pleased to see in the coverage of her announcement, the local news mentioned this video.

Working with a variety of stakeholders is a reality in any project. This was no different, this open source community has it's own sponsors with their agendas and well known personalities. A well orchestrated edit meets the needs of all those parties well enough earn distribution through all the social media channels that make up the larger community.

Haven't found the an example of a project here that speaks to you? Contact me, let me know what story you're looking to create and I would be happy to see if I can put together a custom portfolio to highlight what we might create together.

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